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Unwind 60 ™

Unwind 60 is a 60-minute yin yoga class that draws our focus inwards, to connect to the true essence of ourselves. As the pace in which we live, work and play becomes increasingly faster, finding stillness and a sense of equilibrium becomes harder and harder. Yin yoga therapy is a meditative practice consisting of long held stretches without muscle tension, focusing on the deeper tissues of our body – strengthening, stretching and stimulating to encourage more flexibility and freedom of movement while simultaneously releasing deep tension of the body and relaxing the nervous system. Our Unwind 60 class will help you reduce stress while stimulating regeneration.

Balance 60 ™

Balance 60 is a blend of yang-style active, dynamic vinyasa flow and slower paced yin-style poses. While yang aims at building heat and moving with our breath, yin helps us stretch and relax, using more passive poses. This Yin & Yang session will train your mind to shift from yang to yin, from active to passive, and you will leave feeling relaxed, with a greater range of motion. If you are looking to restore the balance in your life, this 60-minute class is what you need.

Flow 60 ™

Flow 60 is a 60-minute vinyasa flow yoga class designed to move you through the power of inhaling and exhaling. Smooth flowing with synchronised breathing challenges your mind and helps to release any blockage of energy flow throughout your body. Vinyasa – often called flow because of the smooth way the poses run together – is one of the most popular contemporary styles of yoga. In vinyasa yoga, each movement is synchronised to the breath. The breath is given primacy, acting as an anchor as you move from one pose to the next. Flow 60 is a great class to increase your flexibility, mental focus, cardiovascular conditioning and muscle development, all while burning some serious calories.

Recharge 30 ™

Take 30 minutes out of your day to improve your emotional and physical well-being. Mindfulness is the practice of purposely focusing your attention on the present moment and accepting it without judgment. Recharge 30 is a 30-minute mindfulness meditation session in which we practice awareness of the present moment, enabling you to disassociate with notions of past and future that trigger rumination and stress. Learn to use your breath as an object of meditation, concentrating deeply on the rhythm and sensation of our most basic life force.

Mindfulness is now being examined scientifically and has been found to be a key element in stress reduction and overall happiness. Experience a healthier, happier you.

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