Preparing you for the most incredible miracle on earth –  giving life to your child.

Yoga Instructor:
Amy Sammut-Maher

(Registered Prenatal Yoga Instructor)

Dates & Time:
4 Saturdays, 11am -12pm

17, 24 Mar & 14, 21 April

4 Sundays – $70

Casual visit – $20

LLLY members -$10

Prepare for Pregnancy & Labor

Our prenatal yoga class is a custom-designed program of yoga asanas (exercises) that will release tension in the lower back and strengthen your arms and upper body for the work to come. You will also learn and practice calming breathing and visualisation techniques that allow you to manage stress more effectively. The exercises are followed by a guided meditation to release stress, to connect and communicate with your baby and prepare you for childbirth.

The Benefits Of Our Prenatal Yoga Classes

  • Calms The Mind

    Pregnancy is an exciting time that often cause the mind to overthink & be stressed. With yoga, women can escape the anxieties & focus on themselves in a calm & relaxing environment.

  • Helps Control Breathing

    It is important to practice relaxation breathing exercises prior to labor. This will allow for an easier childbirth because the body will be trained to remain clam.

  • Relieves Aches & Pains

    As the body changes, aches & pains are inevitable. With regular prenatal yoga, stretches & poses can soothe sore & tender muscles.

  • Builds Strength

    Strength is needed at every stage of pregnancy, especially as weight is gained. Building strength will increase mobility, balance & circulation.

  • Meet Other Mums

    A prenatal yoga class is also a great way to meet other pregnant women & feel a sense of community in a supportive & holistic environment.

  • Baby Bonding

    The classes will allow you to slow down & focus on your body. This will allow you important baby bonding time.

What Other Mums Say

“Yoga has helped me throughout my entire life and especially my pregnancy now as well. It was really nice to start right from the beginning, so I knew all the different alignments that would be handy throughout my pregnancy.”

Kirsten NellerExpecting Mum - Queensland, Australia

“Everything about Amy’s classes is great and she is obviously really passionate about this class. No matter what months you are in, it’s all tailored to whatever stage of your pregnancy. Definitely worthwhile.”

Rahel ClarkeExpecting Mum - Queensland, Australia

“Amy is wonderful! Her meditations and advice and strength exercises were super helpful during the birth of my son!”

Jess MarsellosMum - Queensland, Australia

“Amy helped me through my first pregnancy with some amazing techniques for yoga, specific stretching, and also meditation, absolutely amazing would highly recommend.”

Nicky HarrisonExpecting Mum - Wellington, New Zealand

Meet Amy

Amy Sammut Maher is a qualified Yoga & Pilates Instructor with over 10 years teaching experience. She specialises in prenatal yoga designed to prepare you for your pregnancy and labor. A mum of two beautiful busy boys – one born by emergency c-section, one natural birth – Amy has the knowledge and deep understanding of what it’s like to become a mother.


Love Life. Live Yoga.
Level 1, 161 Bourbong Street,
Bundaberg Central,
4670 QLD

Class Times

4 Saturdays, 11am – 12pm
17, 24 March & 14, 21 April


4 Sundays – $70

Casual visit – $20
LLLY members – $10

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